About Syldon Foods Limited

Syldon Foods is a well-reputed wholesale Restaurant Supplier, Catering and Takeaway supplier for all kinds of products.

Including – Rice, Dry Foods, Drinks, Flour, Frozen Meat and Chicken, Oil, Packaging products, Pickles, Prawn – Shrimps, Spices etc.

At Syldon Foods, we not only offer things to consumers, but we also endeavour to explain the benefits of the products to them. To give our customers the greatest possible value for their money, we buy straight from the distributor, cutting out the middlemen and ensuring high quality, freshness, and ongoing availability.

Syldon Foods is dedicated to providing consumers with the greatest available products at the lowest possible price while also making their lives easier

What We Known For?

Professional Expertise

We have extensive preiod experience.

Reliable Services

We are available at all times and for any issue.

Efficient delivery system

We make absolutely sure your products is delivered on time.